With more residential areas and flats coming up in the city, and with the city itself becoming a concrete jungle, seldom do people get together for socializing and they do not find any time and opportunity to take care of them physically. Working professionals, does not take of their health, and they do realize the need of good health, only when they loose it to irreparable levels.

MBA envisages promoting the health and fitness awareness, infusing the spirit of sportsmanship and creating awareness on civic cleanliness, healthy living and active participation of sporting activities.

With the greater objectives, MBA plans to approach the governmental authorities with its vision and mission, of bringing an ultra modern indoor stadium in one of the parks available in Jaswanth Nagar area.

MBA plans to conduct tournaments in diverse categories viz., students, women, juniors, seniors and super seniors in near future, and sooner, MBA will put the region Mogappair in the badminton sports map of the Nation.

Ambitiously, MBA, in future, plans to put itself in international badminton circuits.

We, welcome you all to take part in the altruistic mission of MBA, in developing and promoting the art of BADMINTON!!.

Together, we can infuse Morals, Behavior and Attitude, grooming everything positive!.

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