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Depicting the solidarity and unity, the fourth successive executive committee was elected by consensus during the general body meeting of the association held on 17th July,2011.
The tenure of the new executive committee is from April 2011 to March 2012.
The Executive Committee:
President :  Mr.Sivaraman R
Vice-President :  Mr.Palanivel MS
Secretary :  Mr.Manikandan M
Joint Secretary :  Mr.Thayu Manan Swamy Pillai M
Treasurer :  Mr.Lourdu Prakasam MJ
Executive Committee members
I) Mr. Sivakumaran S  II) Mr.Senthilkumar N
III) Mr.Dilli Raja M  IV) Mr.Gunasekaran D
V) Mr.Suresh Kumar BR
Cultural committee

Sports committee
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